Leadership Transformation

Emotional Intelligence is the key to the future of work
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Lumia equips managers and executives with the practical tools they need to create and sustain a coaching culture in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence Amplifies Institutional Success

Take your organization to the next level by creating an emotionally intelligent coaching culture that advocates for learning, inclusivity, sharing, and resource exchange. Enhance goal accomplishment, strategic planning, and team connectivity with a culture of belonging.
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Individual Growth

Within a coaching culture, employees will benefit from more self-awareness, mindfulness and empathy while broadening leadership skills.

Institutional Success

Institutions will retain talent with increased opportunities for personal fulfillment and career growth and generate excellence at all levels of the organization with greater satisfaction and motivation.
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Looking for training for an entire organization, or a small number of leaders or managers?
Lumia for Work is your perfect partner in developing a culture of coaching and emotional intelligence that drives growth and development.

Essential Coaching Skills

Psychological Safety

Emotional Intelligence

Adaptivity and resilience

Effective communication

Deep Listening

Empathy building and Leadership

The Lumia For Work Program

Lumia for Work brings a culture of coaching to your organization. Alongside training, we work with leadership to implement and sustain growth and results via skill mastery groups, workshops and podcasts.

Coach training for managers

High impact coach training for leaders and managers centered on communication and emotional intelligence

Skill Mastery Groups

Small groups where managers and leaders practice what they’ve learned with an expert facilitator and apply it to their own work situations

Immersive workshops

Live, expert-driven interactive workshops to enhance your professional development offerings


Enlightening, bite-size podcasts empower listeners and cement things learned during training

What You Get

Go beyond a stale LMS or tired weekend seminar with live, online training, evidence-based curriculum and evaluations that energize and inspire.

Diverse, expert facilitators

World-class instructors bring the learning experience to life

Personalized Curriculum

Customized learning experiences grounded in science maximize impact

Dedicated support team

Implementation and support is ongoing with an outcome-oriented customer success team

Live, Online Classes

Dynamic, interactive 90-minute learning sessions allow for practice, feedback and social learning

Why online training sessions?

With hybrid or fully remote teams and many people working from home, in-person training can be expensive and hard to coordinate. Self-led learning is a great option but also misses the mark when it comes to implementation, creative conversation and skill development. Live virtual classes, led by expert facilitators, bring complex topics to life and cements learning.
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Gain a Competitive Edge

Develop a work culture powered by emotional intelligence: agile, adaptable, and resilient
Enhance productivity and engagement by proactively focusing on employee development
Improve the nature of important working relationships
Increase retention of high performers by demonstrating investment, care, and support of employee well-being and career growth

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